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The last days of summer...

With my friend RitaCooperM in the back <3

Este look é super simples por isso nos acessórios meti algo que pudesse dar-lhe mais vida e fazer com que não fosse apenas uma plain Jane no meio da multidão..
Aqui vai meu primeiro Post !

This is a very simple look but with my key acessories i think they brought it to life, some orange and some gold in the middle (I forgot my ring in the car :/ you would love it .)
By being super simple i was afraid to be just a plain Jane in the crowd .. But i wasan't i receiveid many compliments and took many pics (that i still don't know where they are but it's all good )  ;)
Here i go with
my first Post!


  1. i love your blog :D


  2. O vestido é muito giro ;)


  3. Super gira :)



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The Vidler and Nixon Coat

Vidler And Nixon its a team of two stylists that are in the London fashion scene for a while now...
Stefan Vidler grew up in Australia, studying fashion in his hometown before setting his sights on London. With a talent for the visual arts he carved a career specialising in landscape painting and textile art. Meeting Kerry Nixon marked his return to fashion with a range of intricate one-off pieces leading to their first collection for Spring/Summer 2006.  Kerry Nixon was born in Glasgow, Scotland. She moved to London and graduated from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in Violin and Electronic Music in 2001. Combining her arts background with a love for everything vintage Kerry seeks to create clothing that is both cutting-edge and elegant. 
From my point of view Vidler & Nixon's collections are not that great but they have some really nice pieces...But the one that i really liked was this "Marie" coat :

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"...de tudo ficam 3 coisas: a certeza de que estamos sempre començando;
 de que é preciso continuar e a certeza de que seremos interrompidos
antes de terminar... Façamos da interrupção um caminho novo.Da queda, um passo de dança.Do sonho, uma ponte e da procura, um encontro..."                              ..

"from all its rests only 3 things: the certainty that we are always begining;
  that we must continue and the certainty that we will be interrupted before finishing ... Let the interruption be a new path. From the f all a dance move.
From the dream, a bridge, a demand and an encounter.... "
Antonio Sabino