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The Originality of X-mas trees

 Wood Christmas Trees

 Candle light Trees
 The Christmas tree candelabra (first pic).With a A simple thin wire and Moroccan tray, the scattered tea lights at the bottom (second pic)..Love it

 2D Trees

Isntead of ocuppying the space on the living room why don't just stick it to the wall? Yup stick it and the result can be better than you expect leaving more space for the family and friends ;)

I don't know if you live alone or with your parents ...But if you like or your family to give a little twist on the regular treethoes were some options that i really liked ;)
I live with another 2 girls and i would love to make something like this on Christmas tim...Let's see if i can do it...hehe!


  1. me gustan tus inspiraciones. te sigo, un beso desde Polonia :)

  2. Originais são! Gostei do blogue e já estou a seguir :)

  3. Que árvores tão giras :)

    Para o ano quero uma igual aquela de colar na parede


  4. LIKE IT :D
    and nice blog btw :)

    Happy New 2012 dear"
    C s 1 9 9 3

  5. amei mesmo as duas primeiras arvores =)
    blog clean , gostei =)
    ja sou seguidora, boa sorte =)


  6. Nice blog :)


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